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Watermaker Rentals (ROustabout)

Reverse Osmosis Watermakers for the Marine and Offshore Market

The ROustabout™ by C’treat is a dependable, rugged, and standardized reverse osmosis watermaker designed specifically for the marine and offshore markets. This versatile piece of equipment has the capability of producing from 4,000 to 20,000 USgpd (15 to 75 m³/day) of potable water from seawater.

Designed for the world’s most extreme conditions, the ROustabout will give operators consistent volumes of fresh water on demand. With over 30 years of world-class service to this market and hundreds of installations offshore, customers can rest assured knowing their equipment is well proven.

The ROustabout uses field-proven technology and components. The simplicity and maintainability of design gives operators the highest level of confidence in fresh water quality and availability.

C’treat’s Global Support Network is available to support the ROustabout and all C’treat products providing operators peace of mind.

For more details on the offshore watermakers or industrial seawater desalination, give us a call at (281) 367-2800 or fill our contact form to enable us to serve you better.

Why Rent?
  • Increase current fresh water supply for temporary higher water demand needs.
  • Experience C’treat’s world-class watermakers without the need of capital approval.
  • Less expensive and more reliable than boating water/filling storage tanks at dock.
  • Includes on-site training.
  • Includes quarterly preventive maintenance inspections from our certified offshore service technicians.
  • Multiple rental options to meet your length of contract and financial needs.

Watermaker Rentals

Watermaker Rentals
Rentals for Marine and Offshore Market
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