Tech Support

C'treat has dedicated Operator Support personnel who maintain routine, proactive after-sale contact with customers by providing high quality training, problem solving, and maintenance assistance on an as needed basis.
Services include:

  • Water equipment diagnostics. 
    • C’treat service professionals are fully certified and can travel offshore to customer sites to provide detailed and comprehensive troubleshooting and system diagnostics. In the event a quick and simple fix is needed, we also provide remote support and diagnostics.
  • In-depth refurbishments and upgrades to existing systems.
    • Improves efficiency, safety, and reliability.
    • C’treat is happy to guide you through the process from start to finish.
    • Breathe new life into your existing systems with new piping and components.
  • Correct replacement parts identification.
  • Anomaly identification and corresponding instructions for equipment performance optimization based on equipment operating logs.
  • Quick turnarounds on quote requests.
  • For frequently asked questions, we have clear and concise instructions for solving your problem.

We take feedback seriously and always look for opportunities to improve our products for our customers. C’treat’s Operator Support is the place to go if you have anything you would like to say.

For assistance or for further information, please contact us at

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