ITT | cTreat

Field Services

  • Annual Preventive Maintenance - Assist with preventive maintenance to avoid shutdowns/downtime.
  • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, and Start-up Services
  • Refurbishment/Upgrades - Optimize any watermaker for performance and operation such as UV sterilization, filtration enhancement using media filtration, adding needed capacity, adding specialty water (deionized) capabilities for turbine wash/boiler make-up, descaling with environmentally friendly products), post treatment upgrades (chlorine injection, corrosion inhibitor, pH neutralization).
  • Emergency Support – Our trained field service professionals are available to assist our customers with emergencies.  We stock most parts and can quick ship or hand carry emergency items.
  • Remote Operator Support - Virtual assistance that allows our trained technicians to assist our customers remotely with live video support and inspections. Using a safe device, C’treat professionals are able to troubleshoot the process while the customer is on-site.  Convenient, contactless capabilities like voice and text provide a fast response to equipment concerns.
  • ITT C’treat service professionals are BOSIET certified (among many other certifications) and are backed by decades of experience. We maintain compliance to your company’s ISNetworld needs.

For assistance or for further information, please contact us at