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ITT C’treat brand Reverse Osmosis Watermaker chosen for Spain’s Castor Underground Storage offshore energy project

    Margaret Gan | 8/1/2011

    C'treat's innovations in design and technology provide a dependable source of potable water for the offshore drilling and production industry

    THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS, August 1, 2011 – C'treat Offshore, a unit of ITT Corporation's (NYSE: ITT) Industrial Process business, was awarded a contract that will enable the supply of potable water for Spain's Castor Underground Storage (UGS) project in the Mediterranean Sea. C'treat will supply the energy project with its Model 2CFD101-3 Reverse Osmosis Watermaker, a desalination system that provides a dependable source of fresh water for offshore drilling and production operations.
    "Whether for drinking, equipment wash down, or well injection, the cost and reliability of fresh water is always a concern offshore. As a company focused on solving critical problems for our oil and gas clients, we are pleased to have the opportunity to help Spain's UGS Project with this custom solution," said Scott Campbell, C'treat's sales manager. "Our C'treat solutions play a major role in addressing global water supply challenges on more than 400 offshore platforms."
    The Castor UGS project converts the depleted Amposta oil field (which lies at a depth of approximately 1,800 meters about 22 kilometers off Spain's East Coast) into an underground gas storage reservoir. The project involves two offshore platforms, 13 wells and processing facilities, an onshore compression and processing plant located in the Vinaroz municipality, and an adjoining pipeline.
    Offshore installations, particularly those remote and in deep water, must have a reliable source of fresh water. C'treat's primary business supports the offshore energy industry. Its Model 2CFD101-3 Reverse Osmosis Watermaker has two fully independent, nine cubic-meter-per-day trains. The entire model was third-party certified compliant with ATEX, an EU directive on equipment for explosive environments. ITT C'treat is ISO9001 certified, and supports the world's largest oil and gas firms on their platforms, rigs and floating production systems located throughout the world.