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About C'Treat



Offshore installations, particularly those remote and/or in the deep offshore, need a dependable source of fresh water for all applications: drinking, equipment washdown, boiler feed, turbine washing, well injection and crude oil desalting prior to transportation. Many of our customers have operated C'treat watermakers for more than 20 years and attest to the reliability of the equipment and the support provided to their offshore sites, with many of those systems in continuous operation since the early 1980s.


Without an onboard watermaker, fresh water must be carried to offshore platforms by boat or other means. Supplying water by boat, even over short distances, can become expensive. C’treat watermakers produce fresh water at a fraction of the cost.  Standard, easily-replaceable parts and unparalleled reliability drive the total cost of ownership down as low as possible.


Customers with installations in harsh environments, such as those on offshore oil and gas production platforms, demand equipment that can stand up to the elements and operate with a minimum of maintenance downtime.

In partnership with our long-term customers in the offshore industry, C’treat has been proving system designs in the field for decades, integrating this vast experience into our focus on constant improvement of the products and services we offer.

Since 1980, C'treat has been proving designs and hardware on platforms and drill rigs in partnership with our long-term customers, integrating field-proven components into the standard designs.